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Venomous (Alien Warrior Book 1) - Penelope Fletcher

I kind of surprised myself by absolutely LOVING this book!! I couldn't stop reading and carried my Kindle around everywhere. I am still kind of shocked at the depth of my love for the characters and the story; I continue to think about them and wonder how they're doing as if they were real people (or perhaps "people" is more appropriate!). The only reason I give this 4 stars instead of 5 is just that it needed polishing. I do think pages could have been cut (though it still didn't feel like 600+ pages to me) and it needes a final look through by a good, strong copy-editor (I found myself wanting to rip out my red pen a lot). However, I will say, I've read books that had fewer grammar/spelling/editing mistakes in them but where those mistakes made me disgruntled with the book as a whole -- amd that did not happen here. Although there were times I wished I could make corrections, there were just as many times where I sailed right past those errors without stopping because the story and the characters were so good!!


I can't wait to read ThunderClaw's story, and I loved the very brief tease we got at the end of Venomous!! I will miss the focus being on Lumen, Venomous, Fiercely, and Cobra, but I have a soft spot for old Beowyn ThunderClaw and I'm so eager to read more about him!


Final comment: be aware that this is an *erotic* paranormal romance. I did NOT see that on the cover of the ebook when I picked it up as the Kindle Daily Deal on Amazon!!! I wasn't offended, by any means, but I WAS surprised by it! This is definitely a book.for MATURE readers, 18 and up -- heck, I'm almost 40 and I blushed my way through this book :-)